«Amnesty International is mudslinging»

A joint statement issued by residents and shopkeepers of the 6th arrondissement of Athens ask from Amnesty International to not interfere in the operation «Xenios Zeus» but rather with the living conditions of migrants in their own countries.
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«Even before the operation Xenios Zeus kicks off Amnesty International in a statement urges the Greek government to stop it, talking about racial discrimination and implicitly but clearly is accusing the Greek society for racist violence and xenophobia.

Obviously some people are very annoyed that Greece tries to control the slave trade, which has an even higher turnover than this of drugs. It is evident that these organizations have no contact with society and have no interested in Europe, societies and human rights.

We denounce Amnesty International of intervening in the internal affairs of a country being in the state of emergency.
We denounce Amnesty International of insulting the Greek society, well known all around the world for its hospitality, as racist, xenophobic and fascist.
We denounce Amnesty International for defamation and mudslinging.
We denounce Amnesty International’s provocative statements, which can lead to violence and provocations organized by those who she is supporting.
We denounce Amnesty International for racist behavior, as she makes constant announcements in favor of aliens while turning a blind eye in front of the human rights abuses of the inhabitants of this country or other European countries that are experiencing the same problems.

Amnesty International instead of dealing with non-existent rights of free entry and residence of migrants, it would be better and more efficient to deal with the rights of these people in their own countries, which, as she knows, are violently suppressed.

She would have better to deal with the rights of women in these countries. The women there have to enter in harems, are stoned, raped, murdered by cultures and religions, which Amnesty International apparently wants to impose not only in Greece but also in Europe.

It would be better to deal with children’s rights in their own countries, who are sold, are married to pedophiles, maimed, starved, raped, beaten to death. She would have better to deal with slave traders, drug dealers, people’s traffickers who have filled the entire planet.

However, she preferred to deal with an inexpensive, provocative and irresponsible slander attack, supporting the myth of racism, xenophobia and fascism in Greek society.

Fascist, xenophobic and racists are all those who have unexplained hatred directed against the peoples of Europe and with a flurry are trying to replace them with impoverished and therefore more easily controlled populations.

Fascist, xenophobic and racists are all those who with external interventions, propaganda and provocations are trying to destroy democracy by turning selectively against particular societies, known in history for their contribution to civilization.

Fascist, xenophobic and racist is anyone who openly supports massive population movements from slave circuits, the uprooting of people from their land, their exploitation by unscrupulous and all this is called «migration».

Once again we announce to all and in all tones, Greek and foreign professionals in solidarity, that we support the State in its struggle, that we urgently need to control illegal immigration, crime and the colonization of entire regions and that if these statements, that offend us, as human beings and as citizens, continue, we will resort to the courts.

We urge the Greek government to continue its effort to remain deaf to any alleged «complaints» provocative statements and fabrications and to relieve the Greek society from the scourge of illegal immigration.

We call upon Amnesty International to show its solidarity with the «irregular migrants» by giving them her luxurious offices in Greece and abroad in order to accommodate them until they get asylum.

We call upon Amnesty International to allocate her staff, which she will pay herself to handle cases of «irregular migrants» in order to avoid penalizing the ravaged Greek economy.

We call on Ms. Tigani to take them in her home and to invite us to see if the conditions of detention are appropriate.

We call on Ms. Tigani to ask from her country to give asylum to those who need it, because here we are delaying and also we are racists.

Finally we urge those who wrote this announcement to go and take a cold shower as they may recover, because it seems the intense heat is creating illusions.

Residents and professionals of the 6th arrondissement»

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